Sports Fishing in Iceland

Sports fishing is one of the outdoor fun activities that you can enjoy in Iceland. There is no shortage of sites that you can visit in this great country to enjoy catching some of the rarest and largest fish species in the world. Here is a breakdown of the fishing months and some of the species that…

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2016 Red Snapper 9-day season in the Gulf of Mexico

In an example of a battle between federal and state lawmakers, the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration declared a nine day season for Red Snapper fishing. In Alabama, the state has said they have the authority to set their own season dates so long as they are nine miles out from the…

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Fishing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Fishing is one of the few sports that people of all ages can enjoy. You can spend quality time in nature and, if you charter a boat, you can learn new techniques and catch fish you ordinarily would not catch on your own. Luckily, there are many amazing places for fishing in the world, and one of the…

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Why Charter a boat to deep sea fish in Gulf of Mexico?

The Gulf of Mexico is one of the most beautiful stretches of water in North America. All the cities on the Gulf Coast attract thousands of tourists. Many of those tourists come for deep sea fishing in the gulf. It is really recommended to charter a fishing boat with a captain who knows the water and…

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From catch to pan - preserving your catch

Preserving your catch until it hits your frying pan matters; it is the freshness of the fish that makes so much of a difference to the way it tastes! Long hours of fishing, storing the fish onboard, and bringing it home to cook could be a complete waste of time, effort and money, if the fish brought…

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Best places for sports fishing

If you are an avid fisher and look forward to engaging yourself on weekends to good sports fishing spot, then we have compiled a list of great sports fishing spots that you can enjoy on your next fishing trip. • Malindi, Kenya – This is a great place off the central coast of Kenya to…

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Is sport fishing bad for our planet and environment?

Sport fishing has become very popular over the years, but what probably most of us don’t know is the impact it has on our environment. There are some alarming reports that claim that overfishing is causing the pollution and marine habitat loss. If we don’t do something about this, some…

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Lake Michigan and sport fishing

People who are fans of sport fishing know how popular Lake Michigan is when it comes to this sport. Even though many people love to visit this lake, some people say that the situation is not the same as it used to be, but luckily it is surviving somehow. John Warren has been fishing for fifteen…

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Fishing in Costa Rica

When you think about the name of this beautiful country, it literally means “ Rich coast “, so you can only expect the best fishing conditions out there. Costa Rica can offer you almost anything you want, simply fishing just doesn’t get any better than you will find in this amazing…

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Sport fishing techniques for new comers

Be careful when wading through water. Sport fishing tips for amateur, on the off chance that you have to wade with water, make a point to go gradually and be to a great degree watchful. On the off chance that you are excessively uproarious, you'll drive off the greater part of the close-by fish.…

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Sportfishing - cruelty or not ?

There are billions of fish who die every year in nets. Some of them have the purpose for human consumption, but a lot of them are tortured simply for the sport " purposes ". We all know that when fish is not in the water, they cannot breathe, they begin to suffocate, and eventually die.…

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It no wonder that everyone chooses to hit the Caribbean’s white sandy beaches during winter. I mean geesh! Look at what’s happening in temperatures all across the country even Florida and Georgia! For the sports fishing enthusiasts, now may be the perfect time to talk leave of absence…

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Fishing in Norway

Fishing is a great sport, there is no direct competition, but there are winners. It is relaxing, and sometimes it can bring food on your table. There are great places for fishing across the world, but one of my favorites is Norway. Last week I was in Norway fishing with my friends. It was very cold,…

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Incredible New Year’s catch – 785-pound bluefin tuna!

We all know the saying “like father like son”. What is actually more uncommon is to inherit your father’s sport fishing skills and to make your first enormous catch in the first season you have ever gone sport fishing. That’s the kind of news that makes everyone inpatient to…

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Costa Rica Sport Fishing Out of the Los Sueños Marina

All year round you can catch big hunter fish in the pristine waters of Los Sueños Marina but if you want a guaranteed catch of the type of fish you are aiming for you may want to follow the guidelines below. Marlin – This fish is esteemed and considered by all anglers to be the apex of…

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