Fundamentals of Water Skiing

Water Skiing is the sport in which the skier is pulled behind a boat over a body of water skimming the surface on two skis. It is a surface water sport. In order to ski on water, you require a smooth stretch of water, two skis, and a boat that can tow with a tow rope, three people and a personal floatation device. The skier must have great upper body and lower body strength, muscular endurance and good balance. There are many people who indulge in water ski around the world like in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and USA. In the US alone, there around roughly 11 million water skiers and holds about 900 water ski competitions every year.

Required Equipment’s

Water: Well, as it is water skiing, water is the main part without which you can’t ski. Water Skiing can take place in a river, a lake or an ocean.  You require at least a 60 meter wide skiing space. The water should be at least 5-6 feet deep. Basically, there must be enough space for the skier to get up in the upright skiing position safely. Skier and the boat must have enough room to avoid any mishaps from occurring.

Skis: Skis that are built for children are generally short and are usually 45-60 inches long. For adults, the heavier the person is, the bigger his skis should be. Length of the ski will depends on the type of water skiing.

Boats: A tournament boat will have a direct drive motor shaft that balances the weight at the center for optimal shape. But some recreational ski boats will have the motor place at the back which will be Vdrive and create a bigger wake. There are permitted boats that can be used for tournaments. They are Centurion Carbon Pro ,  Mastercraft Prostart 190, Malibu Response TXI, Nautique 200 and Mastercraft Prostar 197.


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