Restoration of the Columbia River Faces Many Hurdles

The restoration projects are known to be complicated. It is very easy to destroy a particular ecology in year for resources but its restoration takes decades. The Columbia river basin’s restoration drive may face more difficulties.  The federal government alloted funds of $700 millions for this massive project and it attracted press attention due to the same.
Under the plan, experts managed impose levies on environmental violations, restored tidal channels, salmon population has increased, steelhead count is booming. The damaged floodplains have been reconnected to the main course. But all this hard work may literally go under the water. New proposed hydroelectric dam on river threatens the ecosystem again.
The ecological experts have called this project most comprehensive effort for the ecological restoration in the country. Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Montana have already implemented similar programs to restore 2,800 miles of natural habitats. The dams affect fish population. The government is plans to minimize that effect.
Such plans have face legal opposition and even experts say that restoration to take creature out from the endangered list is not good for long term. The improved habitat brough back sockeye salmon, coho and chinook in the Columbia and its tributaries’ region, according to the data by federal officials. The critics say that the restoration is very artificial as all returned salmon and steelheads were born in hatcheries.
Overfishing, agricultural water diversion, pollution and mining are the main reason behind the decreased salmon population, Before Europeans settled in the America, millions of these fishes used to return to Columbia for reproductive purposes.

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